Eshwar comes to SIL with a diverse background in chemistry, biophysics, and biology. During his time as a Ph.D. student at Iowa State University, he studied how viruses subvert the human immune system to cause disease. After receiving his Ph.D. he moved to the University of California, Santa Cruz to study proteins involved in causing cancer.  Eshwar’s approach to education and learning is deeply rooted in his experience as a science communicator of STEM practices and research methodologies. He strives to incorporate a love for evidence-based understanding of existing scientific literature, rather than a dogmatic view of scientific principles as static facts that never change. 

Eshwar is dedicated to building a student-centered educational experience, with an emphasis on customized learning approaches. His experience with the educational system in two different countries (India and USA), guides his view of learning outcomes and the value behind the “one size does not fit all” philosophy of SIL.

In his leisure, Eshwar enjoys hiking, sketching portraits, and binge-watching movies.