Laura is an instructor of American Sign Language. She is a member of many professional organizations including the Bay Area ASL Teacher’s Association (BA-ASLTA,) the California Teacher’s Association (CTA,) and the American Speech Language and Hearing Association.

Laura grew up in Sunnyvale, then moved to Southern California to begin her career. She earned her B.A. degree in Deaf Studies and Communicative Disorders from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and her BCLAD teaching credential from University of Phoenix.

Being late-deafened has given Laura a unique perspective into the Deaf world. She has worked as both an interpreter and a teacher. She has interpreted for the World Games for the Deaf and worked with the founder of the Starkey Hearing Foundation giving hearing tests and dispensing hearing aids to those who can’t afford medical care. She also was a pioneer in infant brainstem audiometry and the development of cochlear implant research at the House Ear Institute (HEI) in Los Angeles.

Ms. Sanders enjoys bowling, jewelry making, camping and many other activities but she is most proud of being the co-founder of the non-profit organization called “Voices Off Sign Louder,” whose mission is to bridge the communication gap between the Deaf and Hearing worlds by offering social interactions and educational events (last April VOSL put on an ASL silent weekend retreat!).

Laura resides in San Jose with her husband, Gary and two college bound boys.