Martina is a native of Switzerland where she received a Bachelors and a Masters degree in biochemistry from ETH Zurich. She went on to pursue a PhD in cancer research at ETH Zurich before becoming a high school teacher. After teaching biology and chemistry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, she moved to the Bay Area to teach students in a direct and personal setting. She believes that every student profits from a tailored learning schedule and direct, one on one interaction with the teacher. At SIL, she has found a place where she can implement her approach to teaching and empower students to not just learn by rote, but instead understand the deep connections between laws of nature, molecular behavior and everyday observations. With her enthusiasm and fascination for the topic she teaches, Martina creates an environment suitable to learning and understanding.

Martina loves cooking and good food, she writes a regular food-blog (in German) and enjoys learning about new ingredients. She speaks several languages and is passionate about traveling and an intercultural exchange of ideas. At SIL, she teaches Biology and Chemistry.