Ross is a native of Felton, California and holds a PhD in German Studies from Cornell University. After earning his BA in German Studies from the University of California at Berkeley, Ross taught microeconomics at the University Navarre in Pamplona, Spain until he returned to graduate school for German Studies.

After completing the dissertation "Poetics of Mistrust; Kleist, Büchner, and the Prisoner's Dilemma," Ross taught German language and literature at Connecticut College and Purdue University. With a comparative approach to work in German Studies, he has also done extensive research in Spanish, French, and English literature.

One of Ross' main interests, and a topic on which he has published, is dramatic theory and the theory of tragedy. In addition to Ross' academic pursuits, he also enjoys taking long rides on his bicycle and even longer trips along the coast and into the mountains on his motorcycle. Ross is happy to be back in California and to have the opportunity to work with talented teachers and students. Ross is SIL's World Languages Department Chair, and an instructor of Spanish, French, and German.