SIL operates year-round, with ALL COURSES offered in the 1:1 format during Summer.

Many students continue their 1:1 classes through the summer. Other students commence new classes. Students either complete coursework over the summer or - more likely - complete one semester and then continue the next semester through the Fall.

In addition to the full catalog of 1:1 classes, we also offer dedicated group classes listed below - both for-credit classes and prep. classes. Additionally, any subject you wish to study isn't listed, just send a note to and we'll be happy to answer your enquiry. We build custom educational solutions for everyone!


Math classes

geometry (for-credit)

june 10 - june 28 (semester one)

july 8 - july 26 (semester two)

9 am to 12 pm monday to thursday

This class is an intensive study of Geometry.  Students gain knowledge about geometric concepts such as planes, lines, triangles, circles, area, and volume. Additionally, students engage in basic trigonometry as well as coordinate geometry. Geometrical proofs are studied, orienting students to both deductive and inductive reasoning using theorems, definitions, and properties. Students also use algebraic techniques in equation solving, simplifying radicals, graphing, and formula-based operations. 

Through the weeks outlined, Fridays are used as an extra day for testing or for support (additional costs apply for 1-1 tutoring).

$2310/semester. $4620/full year


algebra 2 (for-credit)

june 10 - june 28 (semester one)

july 8 - july 26 (semester two)

9 am to 12:30 pm monday to thursday

This intensive two-semester summer class will cover fundamental topics from Algebra, and it is a prerequisite for pre-calculus or trigonometry/math analysis.  Students begin with a review of Algebra 1 topics, including Real numbers and their properties, functions, domain, range, linear equations, and their graphs and models.  Besides linear functions and equations, we will study absolute value, piecewise, quadratic, polynomial, square root, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions.  Students will solve these types of equations, plus system of equations and applications.  More advanced topics covered include conic sections, permutations, combinations, probability, and sequences and series.  Homework will be assigned daily.  Exams are scheduled for each chapter, plus a final exam is administered at the end of each semester.

$2310/semester. $4620/full year


Trigonometry/math analysis (for credit)

june 10 - june 28 (semester one)

july 8 - july 26 (semester two)

9 am to 1 pm monday to thursday

This intensive two-semester summer class will cover topics from Algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus.  Topics include functions and their properties and graphs, domain and range, graph transformations, inverses, composition functions, and applications.  We will study linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.  Trigonometry topics include degree and radian values, linear and angular speed, the Unit Circle, graphs of the six trigonometric functions, inverses, identities, equations, and applications of trigonometry, including vectors, polar equations, and complex numbers.  Precalculus topics include system of equations, matrices, conic sections, permutations, combinations, probability, and sequences and series.  The class finishes with an introduction to calculus with limits and differentiation.  Homework will be assigned daily.  Exams are scheduled for each chapter, plus a final exam is administered at the end of each semester.

$3120/semester, $6240/full year


Algebra Prep.

july 22 - august 19

3 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

This class is designed to strengthen fundamental Pre-Algebra skills, reinforce mathematical concepts, and help students gain confidence. The three-week summer program will review Pre-Algebra topics such as fractions, Real numbers, and Order of Operations. It will cover Algebra 1 concepts such as linear equations, slopes, linear graphs and models, functions, inequalities, absolute value, powers and roots, and quadratic functions and graphs.

$2250 per three-week session




creative writing workshop

july 29 - august 2 or

august 5 - august 9

2 pm to 4 pm, monday to friday

This class offers those students interested in creative writing the opportunity to participate in a workshop that is student-directed and structured to maximize personalized feedback. Students will discuss and choose genres and forms of literature they would like to explore. Throughout the week, students read representative works from those genres while composing their own pieces. The workshop setting encourages students to share their writing and guides them in providing critiques of their fellow writers' work. At the end of the week, students will have written, revised, and completed their own original pieces.

The Creative Writing workshops are one-week long programs. Students may enroll in more than one workshop, since the character of each will be different.

$600 per one week session


english 9/10 prep.

july 29 - august 16

10 Am to 12 pm, Monday to friday

In few subjects is the transition more challenging than in high school English. This program sets out to provide students with the key skills that will enable incoming 9th and 10th graders to enter high school English courses with confidence. Focusing on strategies for close/critical reading, analytical/persuasive writing, and logic/exposition, this three-week crash course covers the essential skills high school English students need to be successful.

$1100 per two week session


english 11/12 prep.

july 29 - august 16

2 pm to 4 pm, monday to friday

Once students have mastered the basic elements of composition, they are often unsure how to progress in their reading and writing. What distinguishes a 'senior' essay from one written in sophomore year? What distinguishes college-level reading and writing from that required by most high school students? This course aims to provide students who have mastered the foundational skills of language-arts education with the tools they need to develop as readers, writers, and critical thinkers. As these students enter their final years in high school and look forward to college, the skills they learn in this course will ensure that they meet or exceed the continually rising expectation for their work.

$1100 per two week session


science Classes


physics workshop

june 10 - june 21

10 am to 1 pm, monday to friday

The focus is to give students the tools necessary to explore and even manipulate various physical systems using basic principles. In-class discussion and problems are supplemented with quantitative analysis of experiments conducted in the laboratory to gain understanding of concepts. Mathematics skills will feature heavily in this class. Memorization of equations is not necessary; rather, gaining an intuitive understanding of how each formula works and relates to each other mathematically is the priority. This class is designed to help students confront an upcoming AP Physics class with the foundations in place.



Summer classes at SIL are small-group options (no more than 5-7 students per section), taught by long-tenured SIL faculty. The small size is designed to facilitate accelerated learning while not sacrificing individual attention. 


For more information about course times and sections, please contact SIL's Vice-Principal, Suzan Pham: