SIL's tuition structure reflects the personalized nature of our program.  Because no two students require the same number of instructional hours to complete a semester, we bill by the hour.  SIL is the only 1:1 school in the Bay Area with no minimum hourly requirements for course completion. Our tuition structure allows you to pay for only the instruction you need.  Our hourly rates are consistent across all services, and reflect the cost of retaining instructors whose average tenure is at 8 years and counting.

SIL bills at the beginning of the month and payment is due on a β€œNet 7” basis.  The invoices sent out each month list those class hours completed in the previous month.  Classes not cancelled in accordance with school policy, which requires notice by 5pm of the previous day, will be charged.

Most classes are one-to-one, but we are happy to work with students in small groups.  In general, group classes are possible when students come to us with a friend or classmate wishing to take the same course.  With rolling admissions and students starting at all times and with changing schedules to accommodate, the coordination of group classes with students who are not already seeking to take the course together is rarely feasible.  We do have set for-credit and enrichment courses over the summer each year that rotate based on student interest in addition to one-to-one classes continuing throughout the year.

  • Full Time Student Tuition

Upon acceptance of a full-time student, we require a $5,000 deposit.  Included in the deposit is a non-refundable $1000 registration and materials fee.  The remainder is applied to the first invoices for a student's classes.

  • Dual Enrollment Student Tuition

Upon enrollment in for-credit course, we ask for a $500 deposit per course, which is a non-refundable registration and materials fee.

  • Test Prep and Tutoring Student Tuition

For tutoring, there is no deposit or registration fee.  For test prep, some courses carry up to a $150 fee for study resources.

  • Independent Study

Upon enrollment in a for-credit independent study course, we ask for a $250 registration fee.  All independent study courses are supervised by the department chair of the respective subject.  The chair will keep a record of time spent grading and creating tests (in the event of retakes).  Time spent for Test Creation/Grading will be listed on the invoice at $55 per hour.  In the event that a student is unable to successfully demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in a particular unit or chapter, we require that class time be scheduled to review the material with an instructor before a student is eligible to retake an exam.  Scheduled class hours are charged at the regular tuition rate.

  • Test Proctoring

There is no charge for SIL students taking tests for SIL courses.  For exams from an outside program such as BYU there is a proctor fee of $25 per exam to be paid at the time of the exam.

Payment Options and Fees:

Invoices can be paid by bank draft through Intuit, cash, check, or credit card.  Credit card charges are subject to a 4% processing fee.

  • Late Fees

If payment is not received by the due date, the full balance will be charged to the credit card on file.  In the event that a charge does not successfully go through, the balance is carried over to the next month with the addition of a $100 late fee and $10 per line item.  All unpaid invoices will accrue an additional $100 late fee for each month the invoice(s) remain unpaid or carry a balance.

  • Lab Fees

Laboratory science courses are subject to a $75 lab fee per semester.

  • Textbooks

Students are expected to acquire the required texts for their coursework.  Students have full access to the school library and resource texts while studying on campus.  While waiting for a text to arrive, SIL can lend texts out to a student pending the availability of extra copies. Information on textbooks can be found on the Department Home Page.


For questions about our tuition structure or billing process, please contact