Respect for the individual and relevance of purpose are central to the classroom dynamic.

Thinking of education as a preparation for something that happens later can overlook the fact that the first sixteen or eighteen years of a person’s life are not a rehearsal. Young people are living their lives now.
— Sir Ken Robinson

We are a WASC-Accredited school with UC-Approved coursework and one-to-one classes.  Our curriculum is college preparatory with a full host of Honors and Advanced Placement courses designed to situate students for success in college and beyond.

Students enroll full-time and graduate from SIL or take one or two classes for credit to transfer to another school of record.  Tutoring and test prep are available in all subjects.

individualization and collaboration are hallmarks of our approach

I love SIL. The overall environment is so positive and is aimed toward a person’s understanding of the content instead of just being able to ace a test.
— dual-enrolled student, Los Altos High School

Course content cannot be reduced to facts and figures to be trotted out for a test and then tucked away for later in hopes of some future use.  In every subject students are learning to engage their understanding of the world now, to understand themselves as actors in the world today.

Classroom learning conceived as a collaboration between teacher and student allows students to address questions, work through confusions, explore connections, and produce authentic demonstrations of their understanding.

Everyone at SIL seems to have a vested interest in how my child is doing. I feel like they care as much as we do as parents. I know that the future success of my child is being formed now at SIL.
— Parent of past full-time student

sil graduates